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Charlotte Church Wedding | Camille + Brandon

Charlotte Church Wedding

Charlotte Church Wedding

I loved being a part of Camille and Brandon’s intimate, family-centered wedding right before Thanksgiving. I say family-centered for a few reasons. First, they only had about 30 people in attendance, and it was mostly family. I love those kinds of weddings because it really seems like the bride and groom can spend real time with each person (I wouldn’t know…we probably had 300 people at our wedding!). And it somehow seems fitting since both families are growing to include someone new. Second, Camille chose the church very purposefully. They had the wedding at Eastway Church of God, where Camillle’s grandfather pastored for 40 years. The courtyard is dedicated to her grandmother, and it’s the church her mom grew up in. Her grandparents have since passed away, but by having the ceremony as that church, it really felt like they were still included. It really was special. And finally, I say family-centered because if it had been up to Camille, they definitely would have eloped. But Camille is very close to her dad, and her dad wanted to walk her down the aisle. And her mom wanted to have those getting ready photos. So they did the church wedding, and they did it in such a low-key, low-stress way that I *think* they’re glad they did 😉

Camille and Brandon met through a dating app in Atlanta. Camille said she knew after talking for hours on their first date that she wanted to marry him, though it took Brandon about a week. He planned a special date for their 6 month anniversary, beginning at the coffee shop where they had their first date, and ending at their favorite park where he proposed. Congratulations, you two!! Wishing you many, many happy years together =)

Charlotte Church Wedding Charlotte Church Wedding Charlotte Church Wedding