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Rougemont Wedding Photographer | Lauren + Josiah

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Rougemont Wedding Photographer

I loved EVERY moment of this wedding day. Some people might say they didn’t LOVE it when the skies opened up and the downpour came just before dinner, but it’s something that Lauren and Josiah are never going to forget for their wedding day. The pictures of everyone battening down the hatches (the tablecloths and catering dishes) and everyone a little wet are priceless. But every part of wedding day is priceless and that’s why I love my job.

I had the privilege of photographing Lauren’s sister’s wedding back in October, and I was thrilled to be able to work with this wonderful family again and to shoot at this amazing location again! This beautiful mountaintop pavilion is on the Lyle’s property and was built for this exact purpose, their kids’ weddings. How special is that?

Lauren and Josiah are so, so sweet together. They have fun and don’t take themselves too seriously, and there were some really special moments during couple portraits when Josiah moved Lauren’s hair out of her face or touched her cheek when he kissed her. Don’t ever stop doing those things!

The day began with photos of the guys with their groomsmen gifts (pipes) and photos of Lauren with her sweet puppy. We did most of the portraits before the ceremony, and the weather was gorgeous. We even had a little bit of cloud cover during the ceremony, which gave us some soft and even light. I’m SO glad that we had a few more minutes for couple portraits at sunset. Mountaintop sunsets are my favorite!! The light was perfect and Lauren and Josiah were a vision happiness. Besides the crazy (but thankfully brief) rainstorm, everything went off without a hitch and now these two are married! Congratulations!!!

To view the full album and order prints, click here.

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